Using Analytics To Your Advantage.

by Rupert Adam • 1st June 2018

Continuing our Multi-Channel series, this week we look at analytics for web and app and how brands can utilise them across all of their engagement channels. Knowledge is power! But how much do you actually understand about your market, your customers and their behaviour? You probably have a good idea, but is it backed up [… Read more]

Driving Mobile Engagement

by Rupert Adam • 25th May 2018

Following on from last weeks blog on Web Engagement in our Multi-Channel Engagement series, this week we will focus on Mobile Engagement. As previously mentioned in our Web Engagement blog, getting your message heard is more of a challenge when everyone is shouting at the same time, about the same things. Utilising all engagement channels [… Read more]

Multi-Channel – Boost Business With Web Engagement

by Rupert Adam • 18th May 2018

It has been a really exciting start to the year for us. After the acquisition by Xtremepush, we have been immersing ourselves into the multichannel universe and what solutions we can offer. What are the benefits of Multi-channel marketing? Getting your message out and heard is more challenging when everyone is shouting at the same [… Read more]