Royal Society of Chemistry

Switching to the Mobile Responsive Email Builder

The Client

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the world’s leading Chemistry community working to shape the future of chemical sciences for the benefit of science and humanity. With over 51,000 members and heritage that spans over 170 years, the Royal Society of Chemistry is the professional body for chemical scientists, supporting and representing members from across the world.

The Royal Society of Chemistry uses email marketing to communicate with their thousands of members and customers, providing them with relevant news, updates, and events within the world of chemistry.

The Objective

The Royal Society of Chemistry has been using Maxemail for over 6 years, manually building emails through HTML to provide their subscribers with the latest news and updates straight to their inbox. The Royal Society of Chemistry decided that they wanted to move away from manually building their emails from scratch, and instead, make the transition to the Drag-&-Drop Email Builder to reduce the amount of time spent on constructing their campaigns – making their email marketing activity a whole lot easier.

A big part of the project was ensuring that their emails were mobile responsive, with a number of their subscribers viewing emails on their mobiles and tablets.

The Solution

Maxemail assisted the Royal Society of Chemistry with the switch to the Drag-&-Drop Email Builder ensuring the transition was a smooth process and provided some basic training where required.

A number of controlled templates were created, restricting the editing of certain sections to ensure brand identity was kept consistent. By using the Email Builder, a significant amount of time is saved in the email creation process and all emails created are fully optimised for mobile devices to ensure that recipients had no display issues.

The Results

Since the transition from the old HTML editor to the Email Builder, the Royal Society of Chemistry noticed a 37% increase in click through rates and an 85% increase in click-share on mobile devices.

Previously, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s emails were not mobile optimised. However, by using the Email Builder, this ensured that all emails created were optimised for mobile devices. Mobile optimisation was highly important for the outcome of the project with the percentage of emails opened on mobile devices breaking the 50% barrier last year and continuing to rise.

The Email Builder significantly reduced the amount of time spent on building and optimising the Royal Society of Chemistry’s emails, going from manually creating all of their templates in the marketing department through HTML, to using simple drag and drop functionality.

“Since moving to the new Email Builder we’ve seen an increase in our email click-through rates by 37% and our click-share on mobile devices by 85%. It’s also helped to reduce the time spent building and optimising our emails.”


Increase in click-share on mobile devices


Click-through Rate Increase


Open Rate on Mobile Devices

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