Agency Solution

Maxemail by Xtremepush has two agency options available, allowing agencies to either manage campaigns on behalf of their clients or by using a white-labeled version of the software as your own for clients to access.


Manage email campaigns on behalf of your clients

Extend the services you offer to your clients and take ownership of your clients email marketing programmes and campaigns. Access advanced tools that enable you to deliver engaging emails and SMS messages to your clients’ customers. By using the tools available within Maxemail you can save hour creating campaigns for your clients using the drag and drop email builder. For more advanced and bespoke email campaigns, our HTML uploader and WYSIWYG editor makes it easy for you to import your own emails and make amends within the platform.

Add multiple users and client accounts

Maxemail by Xtremepush is set up for agencies to manage multiple clients within the one platform. Our agencies users can easily switch between client accounts to work on campaigns, safe in the knowledge that all content and data are kept completely separate, so no risk of sending one client’s email to another clients list. With our security options, agencies can control the areas of the platform that your clients can access. Additionally, you can also create an approval process so no email can be sent from a clients space without authorisation.


Whitelabel Maxemail as your own platform

For agencies who what to extend their product portfolio, you have the ability to White Label Maxemail and brand it as your own platform.

Invest in an established email marketing platform geared for agencies at a competitive rate.  Provide your clients with advanced tools that are simple to use to build and manage their own email marketing programmes under your support and guidance.

API Integration

Maxemail can connect to a number of other platforms and software applications, so both you and your clients can send the right message, to the right person at the right time. You can also save time and resources by fetching real-time data using the platforms API to personalise automated emails.

Native Plugins

Utilize our Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics plugins to integrated easily with Maxemail. Pass real-time data between them to enable more targeted campaign. New plugins are being created to increase the number of native connections available.

Software Updates and Maintenance

As an agency you will have pre-release information about new updates, features or improvements to Maxemail. We release between 10 and 12 updates per year. Our in-house development team led by our product manager keep Maxemail up-to-date, reliable and secure.