Travel Solution

Create targeted campaigns to all of your subscribers based on previous booking history, preferences and other profile data that you hold.

Travel Programmes  

Welcome Programmes

A welcome programme is an essential part of the acquisition stage. It is the perfect time to thank your new subscriber for showing interest and let them know that they are important to you.

In-Market Emails

Identifying potential customers that are researching a holiday is a powerful system to have in place. Having this information is no good unless you are able to harness it. If you’re unsure where to start, review your historical bookings data for the past couple of years and note where the peaks and troughs are, including any destination trends – this will form part of your marketing plan.

Cart Recovery

Cart recovery is an essential tool for anybody selling online. Over 77% of baskets are abandoned (Listrak7) – meaning most of your visitors, who are actively adding things to their basket, will leave before purchasing.

Late Deals

Don’t lose revenue for unsold holidays, hotels or flights. Use your subscriber list is key for pushing your late deals. It is wise to give your subscribers a choice as to whether they receive this type of email, as the frequency of these may prove annoying to some.

Brochure Requests & Enquiries

Brochures are not as heavily relied upon nowadays, due to easy accessibility to holidays and travel via the internet. However, having a digital copy of a brochure for clients who don’t know where they would like to go, but would like to research different locations, is beneficial. Having the brochure behind a data wall will allow you to collect valuable information about your customers and the types of holidays they are researching.

Booking Confirmations

Finally, your new customer has booked their holiday. Job done? Not exactly. Shift your focus towards providing your customers with the best service and keeping them informed. Sending a real-time triggered booking confirmation email is best practice and confirms that a booking has been made.

Adding some details that are linked to their booking may help you to upsell extra products and services can boost the booking value.

Extra Services Email Reminder

Run a separate programme for all bookings made within 3 months to departure so you don’t miss out on selling to these customers. Then condense and streamline your main programme to work for last-minute bookings.

4 Weeks To Go

In the lead up to your customer’s holiday you should play on their increasing excitement levels and remind them of your available offers for additional services.

Most airlines supply e-tickets for your customers. These e-tickets are usually delivered by email that can be either printed or stored on a mobile device. Use this as an opportunity to highlight other services you offer like currency exchange or airport parking and transfers.

Before Your Travel

The final email you send before departure should be the one that gives your customers an overwhelming feeling of being valued.

Include relevant personalised information;

  • Weather forecast of their destination
  • Packing tips
  • Local information
  • Key contact numbers for their accommodation
  • Transfer information
  • Local emergency services, in case of any emergency

Welcome Home – Holiday Review

Reach out to your customers and see how their holiday was for them and ask them for a review. This is also a good time to offer any promotion you have for clients who re-book the following years’ holiday. Add a time limit on any offer to attempt to secure their business for their next trip.

In this email you could include a recommended holiday based on their previous preferences and their latest break. Help them start to consider the next destination.

Booking Anniversary

If you haven’t yet secured a new booking from your customers it may be because they are creatures of habit, and they like to book their holiday at a specific time in the year. Use the data you have on their last booking to get an advantage over your competitors.

Send details of their previous booking if they are looking to return and offer alternatives of where to go next. This will then take you full circle back to In-Marketing emails.