Retail & Ecommerce

Support outbound marketing communications with intelligent email marketing campaigns & programmes to help drive subscribers through the sales cycle and turning one-time purchasers into regular customers.

Retail & Ecommerce Programmes

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails are generally triggered following a customer’s action on your website so it’s extremely important to stay connected by sending these real-time transactional emails.

Cart Abandonment Emails

How many people add products to their shopping cart and leave your website at the checkout stage? No doubt this percentage will be high, but there’s a way you can use email to quickly reconnect with these customers in real time to recover lost sales.

Browse Abandonment Emails

Browse abandonment emails work in a similar way to cart abandonment emails, except your customers are targeted at earlier stages of the sales funnel.

Feedback Emails

Once a transaction is complete, it’s important to show that you value your customer’s opinion by asking for their feedback. An automated post-purchase email with a link to a simple form will help you to collect reviews on your products and the customer service experience.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Emails

Upselling and cross-selling is a common sales technique used by many retailers, and it’s a natural fit for your email marketing. It’s possible to trigger emails at specific times after a purchase process to add value to your customer’s experience. By keeping your customers needs a priority, you can maintain a positive relationship while increasing sales.

Loyalty Lifecycle Emails

Many businesses tend to focus their efforts on new customer promotions, but don’t forget that your long-term customers would also like something in return for their loyalty. It can be more costly to acquire new customers, so look after your existing ones to reduce acquisition costs.

Reactivation Emails

Don’t give up on those customers who haven’t opened your emails or made a purchase in a while. Reactivation email programmes will help you to reconnect with inactive customers, win them back and remind them of why they purchased from you in the past.

Stock Alert Emails

We’ve all been there when a product catches our eye and we realise that it’s out of stock or the price is a little more than we had hoped to pay. Many of your customers will leave the website at this point, but there are ways of encouraging them to return at a later date.

Milestone Emails

When we talk about milestones we mean a significant event involving your business and customers. These are events that are seen to be highly important and should be celebrated, so use these as an opportunity to connect with your customers.

Seasonal Emails

Seasonal events and other key periods throughout the year are great excuses for staying in touch with your customers. There are lots of opportunities to increase website visits and sales, so it’s important to plan these dates into your promotional calendar.

In this email you could include a recommended holiday based on their previous preferences and their latest break. Help them start to consider the next destination.