Guide to Switching ESP

Switching Email Service Providers doesn’t need to be difficult!

With over 100 billion emails being sent and received each day, it’s no surprise that email marketing is one of the most popular marketing channels used by businesses. With numerous email service providers out there all offering different features and services, it’s natural for marketers to wonder if they are getting the best deal and if there is a better service out there for them.

It is easy to switch to Maxemail?


Before leaving your old ESP, make sure you collect and export all your data. Whether this is one big list or multiple lists, your data can be uploaded to Maxemail at the click of a button.
Please note, to reduce the risk of emails getting blocked and IP’s being blacklisted by an ISP, Maxemail will only take on clients who have obtained fully opted-in data.


Integrating your new email marketing platform with your other business systems should be one of the first things you do after switching! We provide a full onboarding process for new clients, enabling you to connect business software applications and import data needed to continue driving your email marketing programmes without any interruption! Our CRM integrations include Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.


We pride ourselves on delivering a fully tailored and personalised training to all of our clients, ensuring you have not only the tools but also the confidence in using them so you can start to build your marketing campaigns that actually benefit your business. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Suppression Lists

As well as current data lists it’s important to ensure you also export your current suppression list containing all your unsubscribes and bounces. You don’t want to risk your unsubscribers receiving emails from you again once you switch!

Google Analytics

Whether you use Google Analytics or any other analytics tracking software, make sure you inform our support team so we can guide you through the set up. You don’t want to miss out on the success of your email campaigns along with all other marketing activity.

Sign up Forms

To avoid interruption during the switching period, our team will help you to link up any web forms to Maxemail, allowing you to send automated campaigns triggered by a form submission.

Email Templates

If your current platform allows you to export your current email templates you can easily import them into Maxemail for you to continue to use. Or take advantage of the new platforms email builder and discover how simple it is for you to create new templates with additional functionality. For regular content in your emails, for example your header and footer, you can create snippet of content that you insert in to your templates, this means that if you want to make a change to this content, the snippet only needs to be updated and it will automatically change all of the templates that use it.

Social Integration

Maxemail allows for a web version of your emails to be push directly to Facebook and Twitter. Our team will help you to connect your social networks to Maxemail and show you the control options, so you only share on social media the emails you choose. Additionally for all web version of your emails, we can add a subscriber bar to the top, so non subscribers who have accessed your posts on social media, have a quick and easy way to subscribe to receive these messages in their inbox.