Drive bookings and footfall through your subscribers list.

Leisure Programmes

Booking Confirmation

Send your customers confirmation that you have made their booking or reservation. Use this opportunity to give them an insight to what they could expect and any additional services you offer to complement the booking.

Booking Reminder

How many of your bookings don’t actually arrive, it could be as simple as they forgot about the booking. By sending a booking reminder you will be able to reduce the risk of no-shows, but also by adding an option to change the booking, those who no longer can make it can change or cancel their booking easily, allowing you to resell the booking and not have an empty space when they fail to show.

Review Requests

After the booking date has passed send your customers a review request. You could entice this by offering a discount on their next booking. You can easily segment against your regular bookers so you avoid sending them a request every time they visit.

Promotions / Late Deals

Drive more bookings by running seasonal campaigns or special offers that can increase footfall. A great way to secure some last minute bookings by sending targeted emails to your regular customers to get them to book on specific dates with a loyalty offer.