Following on from last weeks blog on Web Engagement in our Multi-Channel Engagement series, this week we will focus on Mobile Engagement.

As previously mentioned in our Web Engagement blog, getting your message heard is more of a challenge when everyone is shouting at the same time, about the same things. Utilising all engagement channels effectively will allow you to communicate with your users at the most beneficial time.

What is a Mobile Engagement Solution?

A mobile engagement solution allows enterprises to directly engage users who have downloaded their app. Mobile engagement channels include; push notifications, in-app messaging and app inbox.

What are the benefits?

Deliver highly targeted and relevant content to your audience at the optimal time enables enterprises to boost engagement, promote products & services and drive ROI. Mobile messaging allows enterprises to deliver personalised, intelligent messaging right to their customers pockets.
Discover how BetBright achieved an increase in monthly app users by over 20% using a mobile engagement solution.
Here are some ideas on how you could utilise Mobile Engagement:

Boost Engagement via Interactive Push Notifications

Engage your app users with interactive push notifications. Alert your users with special promotions or important information that can be fully personalised and relevant to the user. Using an intelligent delivery system, you can send the right message at the right time with scheduled and automated push notification campaigns.
Additionally, using proximity and geo technology, you can send push notification based on when the users enters or leave a specified location, even if they don’t have the app open at the time.

Communicate via In-App Messaging

Engage with your app users by delivering personalised In-App messages based on previous interactions, spend and online behaviour with no Opt-in Required.
Utilising event-driven automation, you can trigger in-app messages to increase the relevancy of your message and drive user engagement. Using inbuilt analytics you can also use your in app messages to drive users who have dropped off a user journey and help pull them back to complete the action.

Target App Users

By implementing an app inbox, enterprises can deliver relevant content to their entire app audience allowing you to target your most valuable app users with special offers, important information or to drive engagement Engaging customers through each stage of the customer journey with personalised messaging enables enterprises to drive key user actions and prompt goal completion like in-app purchases or content download.
By using a high performing message centre core to your App, you should see a 30% lift on average in user engagement.

Maximise ROI

Enable real-time campaign analysis and optimisation to drive app install and post install events with flexible attribution that tracks your marketing efforts to maximise advertising ROI and gain user insight
Implementing real-time attribution analytics helps enterprises to visualise the true impact of their marketing investments and will also enable organisations to make quick decisions based on campaign performance and solely in control to boost ROI.

Drive Footfall

Drive your footfall and increase engagement with redemption offers using push notifications and in app messaging.
How often are your app users actually visiting your bricks and mortar store? You can drive more customers through your doors using a redemption messages. These messages can encourage app users to visit their local store and claim special offers or services which gives your staff key time to interact with your customers in person.
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