What a week it has been. The world cup is in full swing now all of the group games played at time of writing. And it isn’t just the World Cup that has had our attention this week.

As most of you will know, Emailcenter was acquired by Xtremepush earlier this year, and one of the aims as part of this acquisition was to align the two businesses into one, allowing us to increase our product offering to clients and the wider market.

The brand change is now complete and Emailcenter is now known as Xtremepush. 🍾

This news is incredibly exciting for the whole of Xtremepush as together we have the platforms, expertise and team to provide our clients with the very best in marketing software.

What does this mean for Maxemail?

Maxemail has been the flagship platform for Emailcenter for over a decade and it will continue to be the main Email Marketing platform offered by Xtremepush. With the full integration of the two businesses, it means that we will have more resources available for the development of Maxemail and be able to increase the functionality of the platform moving forward.

What does it mean for the UK office?

Xtremepush is a global Multi-Channel Experience and Engagement solution which now has a firm base in the UK, at the Northamptonshire office.

The UK team will continue to lead the development of Maxemail, while also providing the full multi-channel solution we now have as Xtremepush.

Will you have new people to deal with? 

No, you will still be dealing with the same team as always, but you will also have access to additional resources and capabilities from our other teams and platform globally.

What are the future plans?

As one company moving forward we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best experience and engagement marketing technology. What this means is that whether you are looking for a dedicated email & SMS marketing platform or you want to incorporate multiple channels in to your campaigns, we now have a solution available to you.

What are the Multi-Channel options available?

Our multi-channel platform gives you the opportunity to target your online/app visitors, subscribers, and/or customers across a multitude of different channels, including;Website, App, Email, SMS and Social.

This allows you to better understand their mobile and web customers using our in-depth analytics and segmentation engine to drive intelligent engagement resulting in digital and revenue growth. Find out more by visiting xtremepush.com

We are really excited about the future and what we can offer our clients and prospects moving forward. And we are all really looking forward to being fully part of the Xtremepush family. Keep an eye out for future updates.

If you have any question relating to our exciting news, please contact the office on 01327 811884 or email maxemail@xtremepush.com