Understand your customers

The secrets to understanding your customers and why Auto Renew is a real No No!

by Christian Williams • 15th October 2018
As a Commercial Manager for Maxemail at Xtremepush for almost 6 years, you can imagine I have built up some very good relationships over the years.  I am regularly in touch with our customers to understand their needs and work with them to put together a new agreement for their forthcoming contract term.   Whilst [... Read more]

Shopping Cart abandonment

Galvanise your Shopping Cart Abandoners with Email

by Rupert Adam • 20th July 2018
We have all abandoned a basket at some point during the checkout process. And undoubtedly there will be lots of reasons why this will have occurred. As a business, simply ignoring shopping cart abandonment is not the smartest move. There is a way that can help online brands reduce or reactivate abandoned baskets using automated [... Read more]

Welcome To Our New Home

by Rupert Adam • 29th June 2018

What a week it has been. The world cup is in full swing now all of the group games played at time of writing. And it isn’t just the World Cup that has had our attention this week. As most of you will know, Emailcenter was acquired by Xtremepush earlier this year, and one of [… Read more]