First week back after the festive period – we survived, yay! A new year presents multiple new marketing opportunities but where and how do you begin to get organised for the whole year ahead?

The best way to combat the looming year ahead is to be organised and to plan your email marketing for 2018.

First things first, set your goals. Sitting down and making a list of goals to achieve is a great way of encouraging a long-term vision and short-term motivation.

As with most marketers, right at the top of the goal list is to improve on the previous year and to do this you must take the time to analyse the previous year!

Some of the ways you can analyse your email marketing include:

  • Looking at heat maps
  • Questioning subscriber activity
  • Investigating declines in statistics
  • Knowing what devices are being used by recipients

Read more about analysing your year of email marketing here.

Next, spend a bit of time doing some research. Take a look into your industry and competitors – what’s going on? What have they been up to? Can you see what is on the horizon for them? Also brush up your knowledge on the predicted trends for 2018. Technology and tools are being updated all the time so there may be something new out there for you to try!

Here are some of our predicted trends for 2018 to help you freshen up your email marketing.

Lastly, a lot of Marketers find it useful to plan by each quarter of the year, allowing key dates, events and promotions to be addressed and promoted accordingly.

Content is crucial and will be the main component of your emails, so it’s a good idea to have a plan of what will be sent and when. Taking the time to research, and strategise is beneficial to any marketing team.

Our 2018 planning guide includes key dates to help you plan your marketing, allowing you to connect with your audience, push relevant messages and build relationships to help drive ROI. Download it for free today!

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2018 Planning Guide

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