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Travel Marketing – Don’t abandon your Travellers!

by Rupert Adam • 27th March 2018

Spring is here! Finally! After what feels like the longest winter of my life (I know it hasn’t been the worst winter ever, but for some reason, to me, it just feels like it has) the winds of change are in the air. I am currently discussing my holidays for the year with my family [… Read more]

Back from The Marketing Expo

by Rupert Adam • 23rd March 2018

Wow, what a busy week! We have just returned from the Marketing Expo at the Excel in London after a very successful few days exhibiting and speaking at the event.

Emailcenter secures Trade Sale

by Rupert Adam • 12th March 2018

Emailcenter UK Ltd has been sold to Xtremepush, an Irish-owned multi-channel analytics and engagement firm, in a seven-figure trade sale that will see the Towcester based email marketing business expand its staffing, product and services base. Founded in 2001 by local tech entrepreneur, Nigel Williams, Emailcenter was an early innovator in exploiting the market potential [… Read more]

Do Your Marketing Results Matter?

by Rupert Adam • 2nd March 2018

Is there a point to reporting? Do you learn from the results you get, or do you just carry on regardless? This blog will list the best ways to analyse your email marketing and give the key reasons as to why you should pay special attention to the results…

Oops, I was wrong! – Easy Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

by Rupert Adam • 23rd February 2018

Have you ever had that niggling wave of doubt about an email that is scheduled to be sent? “Was that link OK? Did I spell check the preview text? What about the personalisation – was it correct?” Mistakes happen, we’re all human, some can be avoided though. Take a look at some of the most [… Read more]

Does SMS Marketing Work?

by Rupert Adam • 15th February 2018

SMS Marketing has been growing since 2003, but unlike other emerging channels in this time, SMS has grown much slower for Marketers. Until now! This week we added new SMS features to both Maxemail and Maxautomation, making it possible for our clients to maximise this channel. So does SMS marketing work?

For The Love Of Email ❤️

by Rupert Adam • 7th February 2018

It’s no secret, we love emails, SMS and automation. Take a look at why we love them so much, their benefits and the services Emailcenter can provide for you.

Breaking Those Bad Email Habits

by Rupert Adam • 1st February 2018

Whether you bite your nails, check your phone too much or crack your knuckles, everyone has a bad habit or two. Marketers are no exception and sometimes tend to pick up bad habits within their work. Whilst some of these habits are just slightly annoying others can have a negative effect on your business. Take [… Read more]

Show Your Subscribers Some Love

by Emma Weir • 25th January 2018

With Valentine’s day just a couple of weeks away, you should be thinking about how you are going to show your subscribers some love. Take a look at some of our ideas depending on your business…

Split Testing Your Way To A Winner

by Emma Weir • 18th January 2018

With our recent update to Maxemail including improvements to our split testing feature, we thought we’d put together a simple strategy when testing this way to ensure your email marketing is onto a winner.