Recently I was at the Marketing Expo in London and was in a conversation with a marketing agency about the pain of managing all of their client’s email marketing campaigns in their current platform.

They are working with over 50 clients who are individually using different platforms to send their marketing campaign. This is causing a real headache for the Account Managers as they have to deal with lots of systems and athe slight differences in each of them.

Our conversation was initially around how well our platform works for agencies, with the ability to have multiple clients under one agency space. This gives their clients access and allows for the account managers to manage each client easily within the one system. During this conversation, I realised this could be a perfect blog post to talk about how to effectively manage your client’s email marketing as an agency.

Managing my own email marketing is easy, but if you asked me to start to manage a selection of company’s campaigns, across a variety of industries, I can see how this can become very overwhelming, time consuming and challenging. Plus if we had to manage those campaigns in different platforms you might just hear a few blue words out of my mouth.

Not only are we a provider of the technology to create, send and manage email, SMS and automated marketing campaigns, we are also an agency, managing a number of our client’s campaigns on their behalf, so we really understand the challenges faced when jumping from business to business or industry to industry. This is one of the reasons why our platform is so well set up for agencies, we wanted to make our own lives much simpler and more productive, so we added a number of agency specific features to aid our workflow.

Now there will be plenty of your clients who will be keen to stick with their current provider and have you, the agency, learn and manage their campaigns from there! But what are the benefits for them to move across to a system to make your life easier and potentially make theirs (initially) more complicated.

Better Management

    – using just one system will allow your team to become more efficient whilst also building a relationship with just the one provider instead of having to deal with multiple platforms support and development teams.

More power

    – your clients may be small individually, but collectively they will enable your agency to have more weight within a platform to request additional features.

Reduced Cost

    – The more you send, the cheaper your cost will be, so if your clients are in a lower tier with their current provider, they will be paying more per email or contact, but again, collectively your clients can benefit from the agencies lower price. It is then up to you how you charge it back to your clients, so you have more control there too.

More and more agencies, like 9xb, have been switching to Maxemail to manage their clients campaigns. Find out why and how 9xb switched to Maxemail in our case study or read our guide for swtiching here.