Transactional Email

Creating Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are triggered when an action has been completed. These emails, first and foremost, need to fulfil the task that was actioned, like a purchase confirmation. However, there are opportunities within transactional emails for you to increase sales, offer more value and boost engagement.

Top Tips For Transactional Email

Cross-sells And Up-sells

Transactional emails receive 8 times the number of opens compared to nontransactional marketing emails [source]. It’s important to take advantage of this and push for any additional sales opportunities. The objective doesn’t have to be for an immediate sale, but simply planting the seed for their next visit. For a retailer, this might be accessories or additional items in the series, or for a travel company, this could be car hire or airport parking.

Latest Promotions

If your brand carries a lot of promotions throughout the year, try using transactional emails as an opportunity to inform your customers of your current offers. By including your latest promotion within the transactional emails, you can incentivise your customers to return to your site and place another order.


Try offering your customers related products and recommendations to generate some extra revenue, even to those who haven’t opted into your main marketing emails. There are a number of methodologies for this such as, ‘people also bought this’ or ‘more items from’. Choosing the correct term will depend on what is the best fit for your audience and brand.


Many marketers still simply send plain text as their transactional email. As these emails are still reflecting your brand and play a part in the overall customer experience, it’s still important to create a polished, mobile responsive HTML email which is in line with your branding.


There are still some companies out there using their internal IT infrastructure to send their transactional emails. Not using a specialist solution can often lead to deliverability issues, putting your emails at risk of landing in the junk folder. It’s also advisable to keep your transactional emails on a different IP and domain from your mainstream of marketing emails.

Next Steps

Xtremepush’s platform has helped many enterprises to utalise their Transactional Emails as part of their overall marketing strategy. 

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