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Basket Abandonment Emails

All businesses that sell products or services online will experience a large volume of customers who abandon their basket before completing the checkout process. There are many potential reasons why this may have happened including the user got distracted, alternative price elsewhere, found a different product or were put off by shipping cost. Whatever the reason, implementing a basket abandonment programme gives you the opportunity to win back those sales. These tips provide you with some ideas of how you can implement your own basket abandonment programme.

Top Tips For Basket Abandonment Emails


The timing of a cart recovery email is an essential and careful consideration is required when deciding upon what time is best for the customer to receive the email. It depends on the nature of your business, but it’s highly recommended to send the first email within an hour of them leaving your site, and if necessary an additional email a couple of days following that.


Discounts can be a great way to incentivise customers to complete the purchase. If a discount seems appropriate to try testing discounts vs. non-discounts within your email to find the right solution for your business. Make sure your discount codes are unique to each customer to prevent it ending up on a variety of voucher code websites.

Call To Action

Make it easy for the customer to return to their basket with big, clear call to action buttons. High contrasting colours are used to grab the customers attention with copy such as “complete your purchase” or “return to basket”.

Don’t forget to clearly display your company’s contact details as well, customers may have abandoned their basket because they required some assistance.

Branding And Product Display

Include your company name in the “From Line” and make sure your branding is clear within your email, with your logo prominently displayed, as this may be the first time the customer has heard from you. Clearly display the product/products the user was purchasing with a clear link to their basket so they can see what they are returning to purchase.


The key thing is to keep your message clear and simple with minimal clutter to eliminate the chance of any confusion. Make sure that your messaging is friendly and not forceful, see it as a gentle reminder that you are informing the customer that they haven’t gone through with the purchase. Terms such as “Did you forget something?” or “We’ve saved your basket for you” work well, or even the use of clever puns to grab the attention of the recipient.

Next Steps

Xtremepush is working with many enterprises to implement basket abandonment campaigns into their marketing strategy. We are exhibiting at the Ecommerce Expo on 26th & 27th September, you can find us at stand T680.

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